You work in Television Production, and you’re looking for… a better way to organize and store video, photography, documents, and scripts that will make everything easily searchable and accessible throughout production and post-production, today and three years from now. 

Use DAX—the simple method of uploading, storing, sharing and collaborating throughout all steps in production workflow. Here’s how it works:
Step 1
From Production through Finals for air, it all starts with customized user set-up and access to DAX from any laptop, desktop and iPad connected to the internet.  Production customizes folder setup with the DAX team for dailies, cuts, location photography, second unit, casting, pre-vis, cost reports, crew lists, scripts and beyond.  Each user is set up with unique permissions allowing them to view the files and video they need - and only those files and video - nothing else.  DAX is your media universe.  Documented instructions go to your post facility and your assistant editor for quick instructions for media creation and upload, with 24/7 support enabling your material to be released to every approved user.  Eliminating delays by messengers or shipping, and notified by automated email alerts, each user accesses DAX to review and collaborate from the moment the file is available.  For new crew members coming on board, or others departing, changing user permissions is simple, either by a quick email or by utilizing our self-serve administrative module. When the show wraps, production can easily deliver their required documents and reports through DAX to the studio and/or network.
Step 2
From Programming to Post Production, DAX gives the studio real-time, on-demand material accessible anytime and anywhere - even for a cut that Editorial releases in the middle of the night.  Traveling to location, or for business, is never an obstacle to productivity.  Via DAX's Digital Dailies® Service, each user has access to the dailies, with the ability to comment and create playlists of favorites.  The turn-around to delivery is quick, and DAX provides the essential collaboration tools to get the job done.   
Step 3
Close to air date, the Network receives the last few rounds of cuts minutes after completion. All supporting departments, from Marketing and Publicity to Legal and Business Affairs to Distribution, are added to the growing repository of Key Art, Documents, Cuts and Selects. The choice of collateral to share with various creative vendors and distribution partners is easy; materials are instantly available to the promo editorial house, the vendors making cuts for airlines, for translation and subtitling house for international. Executives relay notes and comments back to the studio quickly and even export their creative forum to an email to share with their boss. From the very start, each file and video has been secured in DAX; when the network airs the episode, they can be assured the creative process has remained only in the hands of the creative team. 
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