Studio Approved Secure Environment

The Studio Approved Secure Environment

Approved by most Hollywood Studios and Television Networks, DAX incorporates the highest level of security. Audits by the MPAA and content security departments of several major film studios have certified company practices and the system’s technical safety, making DAX the only  place to go for media interaction.

DAX’s security design provides protection from the outside world and total control over user access within the system. Multiple layers of bank-level security tightly enclose all data streams, including user authentication and authorization, 128-bit and 256-bit encrypted secure servers, rights management, and very granular user permissions.

  • Users are authenticated on login and establish an encrypted security session with the application.
  • All actions are audited.
  • User access and views are restricted to only those assets allowed.
  • Tight security integration between web, database, and streaming systems to prevent intrusions.
  • Streamlined and secure – All video can be stream-only.
  • Efficient – eliminates the costs and delays of DVD or tape duplication and couriers.
  • Safe & Secure – all user access (both in-company and external) and ingestion is processed on remote DAX servers.
  • Watermarking – both encrypted overlays as well as burn-in available.
  • Scalable & Reliable – built on top of a highly available clustered architecture with multiple layers of redundancy.
  • Patented Technology (US Patent No: 7,660,416 / 8,214,764).