Film Studio

You’re working on a feature film, and you’re looking for… whether it’s a studio blockbuster or indie film, you need a simpler way to securely collaborate and distribute documents, stills, scripts, dailies and cuts, making sure people see only what they’re meant to see. Use DAX...
DAX is a permission-based system built specifically for production workflow and the exchange of materials between production companies and studios. DAX ensures delivery of content to executives and production departments on time and in the right hands.  Automated e-mails and system dashboards notify each subscribed user as dailies, cuts, call sheets, scripts, memos, and other media become available.
Here’s how it works:
Step 1
Set up a DAX account for your production. With 24/7/365 support and training for each user, once a project is green-lit you can have it set up in less than 24 hours. 
Pre-Production begins and folders are set up for documents, locations photos, sides and early shooting drafts, pre-visualization, casting and location shots/reels so that the entire production can start on a virtual production workflow platform.  From headshots to contracts, each production receives a customized setup with permissions specific to uploading, deleting, watermarking, viewing, downloading and more.  
Step 2
Production begins…DAX has you organized. Starting with the camera and hair and make-up tests to the first day of dailies, DAX delivers mission-critical material to the entire team quickly and efficiently.  From tiered releasing of selects to approvals for budgets or scripts, DAX provides secure, streaming technology so that each piece of material is private and only accessible to the right member of the team.  From a hotel on location to a studio executive on the lot to a post facility to a senior studio chief in their second home, DAX delivers the same outstanding performance whether through a desktop internet browser or iPad application DAX Mobile™. 
Once content is approved, dailies, cuts or playlists are released via DAX's Digital Dailies® Service to production, post-production, marketing, visual FX, publicity, product placement, casting and business affairs so they can immediately start working on ancilliary marketing and publicity materials such as trailers, sizzlers, commercials and EPK materials.
Step 3
The various marketing teams, from Digital to Theatrical Publicity, are already making selects of their own creative choices, assembling playlists that can be used for trailers, sizzle reels for film market sales teams and commercials. Beyond dailies and rough assembles or edits, the system distributes secure watermarked elements to trailer houses and creative agencies in native Avid or Final Cut Pro formats. Creative agencies view content approved by marketing and order or import their chosen selects or clips for editorial. DAX technology utilizes unique watermark IDs for each agency, ensuring the highest levels of security. You’ve now slashed the expense of duplication of drives and media, while speeding time of delivery and time to decision.
DAX is used by all major studios and networks, including 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Sony, Summit, Legendary Pictures, Alcon and Lionsgate.  Call us today for a demo or to find out what DAX can do for you: 310.895.9550.