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Join the Movement and Use the DAX CloudTM Media Production Application
The DAX Cloud™ media production application is a highly secure, web-based media production workflow application. Designed to maximize efficiencies throughout the content creation lifecycle, the DAX Cloud™  enables secure exchange, collaboration, approvals and distribution of work-in-progress materials - from concept development through final delivery.

The DAX Cloud™ media production application provides a centralized platform for different stakeholders within a creative group or corporate environment to access materials to create and manage ancillary content, build campaigns and re-use and re-purpose content for different marketing, publicity and home entertainment applications.

Streamline Workflow with Our Patented DAX CloudTM Media Production Application (US Patent No: 7,660,416/ 8,218,764)

Extensive workflow/collaboration tools and full media asset management enables quick and easy access to approved content by different stakeholders, reducing switching costs and redundant expenses including physical media duplication and burning, digitization, encoding and ingestion into multiple systems or myriad FTP sites. The DAX's Cloud™ media production application uses a patented Digital Dailies® Service that also enables users to ad comments, create clips, string playlist, anotate and more. 

Moving content from concept development through final delivery, the DAX Cloud™ media production application also stores finished shows, extra content and trailers for future re-purposing for related marketing activities by different departments and divisions.

Taming Media Costs - Promoting Calmness in a Chaotic World
The bottom line:  The DAX Cloud™ media production application results in faster time to decision, a dramatic reduction in hard and soft cost expenditures, more creative control, and greater automation of the content production and creative process. Find out now how our simple, secure and innovative platform can promote creativity, collaboration and community in your company.

The DAX CloudTM Media Production Application  is Your Media Universe - 24/7 Anywhere, Everywhere.