DAX Mobile™ with iDailies®  -


“DAX it!” On The Road

DAX Mobile™ with iDailies® was developed to meet the industry’s demand for 24/7 anywhere media consumption via iPad. For on-the-go production executives, department heads, and crew, DAX Mobile™ delivers location and set photos, scripts and trailers via the reliable DAX system used by all major studios, production companies, cable and television networks to distribute and collaborate on media to their production and executive teams.

Available through iTunes, (click here), our DAX Mobile™  app delivers desktop functionality to your iPad, connecting to the same secure DAX database and backend. Once DAX Mobile™  is included in your plan, all projects/folders within the DAX system are “iPad-ified” for authorized users to securely stream video and audio, and navigate between titles, projects, dailies reels, photos, clips and documents, including scripts, on their iPads via our secure network. The iPad service uses the same user credentials as DAX Cloud ensuring that everyone has the same access no matter what device they access DAX on.

The iDailies® service is the mobile version of Digital Dailies®. Is allows you to view dailies reels and cuts on your iPad via wireless or 3g/4g network. With iDailies®, you can skip ahead from take-to-take (bang on slate) on dailies reels. Users can also access selects playlists and add notes and comments synced to time code