You work in Distribution and/or International Servicing and you’re looking for… an effective and secure way to send out screeners, publicity, licensing and marketing materials to multiple locations across town or to international partners around the globe, and maximizing the value of your library. 

Use DAX - no other system works better for centrally managing and storing all library assets in the cloud along with associated metadata. Watermarked PDFs, photos and video, in both streaming and broadcast ready qualities, are easily streamed or downloaded from any location with critical security measures like encryption and digital audit trails to ensure the right people get the right materials. Partners can view a subset or teaser of select materials prior to licensing, and once approved, are provided with access to all deliverables. The system will track what they downloaded allowing distributors to charge back for what is used. Here’s how it works:
All library assets are uploaded and tagged in DAX. Trailers, One Sheets, Publicity Stills, Scripts, Billing Blocks and more are centrally managed, stored and searchable. Setting up a DAX account for your company is easy with 24/7/365 support and our simple self-service administration module. Since DAX has already rolled out servicing solutions with other studios and distributors, the process is documented and fast, based on using best practices.  
The system can distribute secure watermarked elements in broadcast and editorial quality formats. DAX technology automatically imprints unique watermark IDs for each user, ensuring the highest levels of security. You’ve now slashed the expense of duplicating CDs and DVDs, while speeding time of delivery and time to decision.
DAX also provides secure, long-term archiving, and redundant storage so that copyright holders can smoothly deliver assets, or their entire library to such partners as hotel chains, airlines, DVD authorization facilities, iTunes or Hulu for online distribution or syndication. Library access and acquisition is an easy delivery workflow using DAX.
DAX is currently reducing costs, empowering creative collaboration and increasing efficiency for major studios, networks and production companies throughout the industry, including Warner Home Video, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Summit, Miramax, A&E Networks, CBS, Showtime, NuImage/Millennium and Lionsgate, among many others. Call us today for a demo or to find out what DAX can do for you: 310.895.9550.