Digital Dailies Set Top Box

Digital Dailies®  Set Top Box Application

Integrated with the DAX Cloud, Digital Dailies® STB provides a secure and reliable stage to review content such as dailies, cuts, VFX, clips, trailers and more via a remote control “Tivo” like experience.

Video can be searched and accessed via categories such as title or campaign, new or unseen, by scene and take, or even by scene description. Find exactly what you are looking for and watch on demand. The system also has available shot sheet integration (dailies screening notes) allowing script supervisors and associate editors to create screening notes in ALE format, and the system will display the same descriptions and metadata with each scene and take.

You can also mark selected takes, assemble playlists and publish playlists to other predefined groups or persons. Playlists can be used to communicate favorites to editorial, preorder pull-downs for screenings, or send the playlist to other users such as marketing or production execs. The STB also has tools like “Auto Release” allowing users to approve and release materials to wider audiences.