DAX Cloud Platform

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Workflow & Collaboration

Workflow and automation that simplify collaboration, distribution and media transformation logistics is what The DAX Cloud™ media production application is doing every day for thousands of content creators, owners and distributors. The easy delivery of footage, either streaming or broadcast quality, documents and photography through the same interface means creative execs can view dailies and cuts, labs can distribute DNX and MXF files to editorial suites, publicity can view unit photography and writers can distribute scripts – all through the same system, from anywhere in the world.

The robust workflow engine powering the DAX CloudTM system encompasses both simple and complex pre-defined workflow situations. Examples:

  •  A director reviewing a rough-cut prior to releasing it to a television network.
  •  A user group that needs to review and approve content prior to releasing it to another group of users (like legal or marketing).
  •  An online publicity executive at a studio selecting a clip from a movie for an online distributor and submitting it to franchise marketing and legal for approval.

Other workflow actions might include:

  •  Transcoding or watermarking a file into a variety of different formats or resolutions.
  •  File distribution to pre-defined set top boxes, devices or locations. 

The system alerts subscribed users once an event has started and/or been completed. All content metadata and associated files will still be associated with the original content after a workflow event, and authorized users can release content to multiple categories or user groups concurrently.

Via DAX's Cloud Digital Dailies® Service, notes and annotations can be attached to any content stored in DAX CloudTM, including rough cuts, dailies and photography. For video, comments can be associated to SMPTE time code and users can set “in” and “out” points relating to their annotation. Notes can be made public, kept private between select users, or posted on a message board.

For marketing departments, DAX CloudTM makes life easier. The process of assessing and approving publicity stills, location photos, EPK materials, demo reels, music and interviews takes place within a single online environment. Evaluators can view, provide comments and approve when it’s convenient for them, from anywhere DAX CloudTM can be accessed. All approvals are logged in the metadata so it’s easy to track status. Reports can be generated to provide a “global view” of a project and the status of all work-in-progress materials. 

The Unique DAX CloudTM Screening Room and Digital Dailies® Service (US Patent No: 7,660,416 / 8,218,764)

The DAX CloudTM Screening Room is for viewing media within the system. The Screening Room enables the following:

  •  Digital Dailies® and iDailies® Service – The system allows users to skip ahead from take to take (bang on slate) without buffering or delay. Fully integrated with Flex Files, ALEs and EDLs, The Screening Room operates similarly to a DVD by allowing non-linear skipping through chapter points – all bang on slate.  Digital Dailies® and iDailies® are available via your browser, set top box or iPad.
  •  Create Clips – Users can select in and out time code points and create clips of media that can be saved in the system as a unique file. The Clip Creator can also export an EDL, XML or ALE of the file so it can be automatically matched back to a video master in any near-line or off-line editorial environment (Avid, FCP).
  •  Playlist Creation - Users can select video clips in the system, assemble them into a playlist and save as a unique file. Complete with drag & drop capabilities, users can drag scenes and takes from multiple reels, create clips of reels or footage and/or merge several pieces of media into a bin that can be saved into a unique playlist and made available to other users. Users can name playlists, organize clips in a sequential order, re-shuffle clips, and add notes and comments associated to SMPTE time code. Users can essentially perform loose edits of materials.
  • Video Controls – Viewing content in the Screening Room enables users to freeze each frame, advance forward/backward frame by frame, scrub frame by frame, go full screen or play out to a monitor.
  • Photo Module – The DAX CloudTM Photo Module enables iPhoto-like capabilities where you can navigate through photos by clicking an arrow, compare up to 4 photos side by side, zoom, move, rotate, rate, and create slide shows. Like video, you can create workflows that enable users to approve/reject and add comments in the photo module. All approvals are tracked as metadata in the Asset Manager.  

      More Great DAX CloudTM Stuff:

  • DAX CloudTM Transfer Manager - Functions such as Batch Upload/Download let you upload/download bandwidth-intensive media files and multiple assets concurrently as well as apply batch metadata.
  •  Shared Files - Assets can be copied/aliased into categories within the same project or even another project without increasing storage allocation.
  •  Transcoding/Watermarking - DAX CloudTM has transcoding for both video and images. Users can watermark, change formats, resolutions and file sizes on the fly prior to download.
  •   Version Control – All files uploaded to the system are time-stamped and contain associated metadata clearly identifying version number. Files can also be linked back to originals to ensure consistency.
  • File Compatibility - DAX CloudTM is completely file-format agnostic, meaning it accepts any kind of document, graphic, audio and video files – including all leading formats for script, editing, budgeting and accounting, basic office and audio-video media players.
  • Central Audit, Tracking and Notification System - The system can also send out automated e-mail notifications to alert you when a file has been uploaded or a specific action occurred. Notifications can be generated at the User, Category or Asset level. The system also has an audit trail of all site activities.
  • Search – Powerful search and sorting tools help users find what they need quickly and effectively.

Administrative Controls – “DAX CloudTM  it!” and be in charge of Your Media Universe

With DAX CloudTM, you are always in complete control over who has access to what content and when. You create and define user-access privileges at the individual level and at the group level, setting up users with access to just one file or to multiple projects. The DAX CloudTM system offers the choices of pre-defined User Profiles (editor, marketing exec, etc.) and Users Groups (production, finance, etc.), which makes adding and changing profiles easy and fast with drag-and-drop capabilities.