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You work in Home Entertainment Marketing or Publicity, and you’re looking for… a way to streamline the process of finding, reviewing and working with material for your upcoming campaign.  

Use DAX - from clips to artwork to end cards to widgets, DAX provides you with a total solution for requesting, finding, creating, viewing, approving and delivering collateral to the right people to make it happen. The workflow is seamless, giving each contributor real-time information about the selection process and helping to get materials to vendors and partners quickly and securely.    
Here is a sample workflow for Clips:
Step 1
Log into DAX and submit a request for content (i.e. I need a 15 second clip of movie XYZ, designated exclusive for Amazon), or search for content using the DAX search engine and create the clip yourself. When a request for content is submitted, the system routes it to the designated studio or creative vendor who can perform detailed metadata searches and find content that matches the request.
Step 2
All content is either already encoded, uploaded and tagged into the system, or ingested upon request. Once ingested into DAX, files become “e-masters” that can be used to create clips, screen to vendors or partners, or transcode materials into other formats or bitrates. The e-Master eliminates all downstream redundant work, such as encoding, burning DVDs or booking expensive edit bay sessions. E-masters could be a full-length feature, a director's interview, an animated end-card, trailer, b-roll clip, or any other audio-visual element. 
Step 3
When searches are done in DAX and content located, designated users can perform the following actions when viewing content:
1. Create Clips: 
  • Select time code “in” and “out” points in your e-Master and save the clip to a folder for others to review.
  • Folders can have automated workflows so the moment a file is uploaded, it triggers task notifications to assigned users to review and approve content/clips within the system. Designated personnel in legal, creative, marketing, and external partners, such as talent, directors, copyright holders and music clearance are all enabled to approve or comment simultaneously via DAX. 
  • Users can also create an EDL or ALE to import time code information into any near line or offline editorial environment allowing editorial to automatically match the selections to the video master.

2. Build/Combine Content:

  • Users can build strings, sizzlers, playlists or presentations, assemble clips and strings of media and release the materials for approval or review/presentation to internal or external partners.

3. Reports:
  • The system has detailed reports for approved/rejected content so everyone can see what is available and for what marketing application. Approvals are captured as metadata for future tracking.
4. Tasks Assigned Dashboard:
  • All users can go to their personal dashboard to see what they need to approve, by when and what they have already approved.
DAX is currently reducing costs, empowering creative collaboration and increasing efficiency for these business units at major studios and production companies throughout the industry, including Warner Home Video, Summit, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., CBS, Showtime and Lionsgate, among many others:
Online PR Music Legal
Traditional PR Home Video International
Home Video Creative Digital Distribution / VOD
Home Video Legal EC Group (DVD Bonus Content)
Home Video Marketing Home Video Digital Services
Interactive Marketing Global Brand Management
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